John Howlett

Author - Scriptwriter - Biographer - Dramatist

John is a novelist, biographer and writer for film, radio, television and stage. Together with David Sherwin he created If..., one of the key films in British cinema history. He has written biographies of James Dean and Frank Sinatra. His television credits include Murder of a Moderate Man, the adaptation of Len Deighton’s Game, Set and Match, and Roy Battersby’s revival of Doomwatch in Winter Angel. With Robert Campbell, John wrote the musical Dean – the short triumph and tragedy of the actor James Dean, performed in London’s West End and in Japan for many years (John and Robert with the composer Theo Jaskolowski have now written a new musical drama on the life and death of Federico Garcia Lorca).  

John Howlett has just completed the fifth of the six novels Harry Cardwell Series, that follow a group of families and friends from the First World War through the 20th Century, See Bookshop for more).
When War Came Again When War Came Again
When War Came Again
A Long Road Home
A Long Road Home
Other work recently published:

John’s novel Cry, written in the 1990’s, was turned down by his publisher who considered the subject to be too dangerous. Cry is a gripping story about the search for the origins of HIV/AIDS. John has now published it himself as a paperback and an e-book.
Cry by John Howlett
Love of an Unknown Soldier
Love of an
Unknown Soldier
John’s very first novel, The Christmas Spy, (Hutchinson, 1975), is also now available as a paperback and an e-book.  See Bookshop for further information.
The Christmas Spy by John Howlett
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Amazon Review.  (Love of an Unknown Soldier). His novel is an utterly engaging account of the first world war. Perhaps no novel or film can make the reality of trench war clear to those of us so distanced from it, but this novel brings the reader as close to experiencing the horrors and desperation as it is reasonable to expect of any work of literature. The characters are believable and a strong desire to know what happens next is spun into the narrative. There were moments when the illustrative quality of the text was much to clear for comfort. If you loved Birdsong you will love this.
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